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Vhenue helps you discover entertaining spots around you that caters to your interest, it updates with your location to bring you the best experiences one could possibly have with friends and family.



Vhenue is also a social platform that connects and links you to Live and upcoming events, gigs that suits your interest and helps you partake in your favorite activities and people.

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About Vhenue

The idea of Vhenue as an APP was born out of the need to be informed about the events happening in one’s environment be it a temporary/permanent stay. Imagine you just moved into a new city, or just visiting to cool off, chances are you might know a few friends around in this new environment or maybe you don’t or they are very conservative, or maybe you do not share the same hobbies. Now it doesn’t matter if it is a buzzing city with the most attractive locations for tourism, say parties, monuments, theatres, events, gigs, and sports, whatever your interests are you might be in for a very long & boring stay. Say you’re in town for business or a college student who recently just moved into campus with no friends to hang out with or looking for a nice spot to socialize or cool off, meet new people or a tourist planning a trip to a different country or city, having Vhenue as an app could be of help to you.